Black Magic

Let’s first admit that mirrors at the gym do get our constant attention!

Its always great to do those lunges and planks when you can look at your self rocking it in the mirrors. In fact each one of us is convinced of this one mirror that makes us look lean and hides those parts we are working so hard to tone.

Now add to this mix an all black gym attire and Voila, all seems to be happy that day!

You really feel those push ups have been working, the 20×4 crunches are beginning to pay off plus your fuchsia shoes make the entire look perfect!blck3

One reason black has this effect is that it draws the eye away from the body to the head, hands and feet, making you appear taller and slimmer. It also helps to hide any bumps or bulges. By contrast, lighter colors emphasis the contours, as they are more likely to produce shadows in light-colored clothing.

Well if you believe this theory then black is IN at the gym!

Personally, for the first 5 years at the gym, aside from workout leggings, I shied away from buying any black workout tops. You have to admit that the pinks, blues and greens look so tempting when you see them on sale!

This was till last year when I bought myself those bright orange Puma gym shoes that looked great in the store, till I reached home and realized that all my tops were so many colors, it made me look like one those colorful candies on a stick!

blck1They only thing to do was buy black or grey.

So the last few indulges have been, guess what? Black!

Apart from the reflection in the mirror, I also noticed that it gave fellow gym buddies the illusion that I looked slimmer! I gave up the secret and told them it was the Black outfit.

My current favorite is a racer back Domyos T that feels super soft on the skin and makes the upper body look so much more toned in that mirror.

The last I checked it is available in most Decathalon stores and in many sizes. Its durable with machine wash and doesn’t wear off too quickly!

If you also happen to have a sports bra with an interesting design at the back, then this T is perfect to pair it with, as the racer back allows you to show the interesting bra which can be in a hue of colors.

Colorful shoes look perfect with all black.

Do you have a lot of black in your gym collection? Do share your story with back!

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