The Indian Woman

There is a lot of chatter around body shaming, but this post is about body awareness and acceptance.

A lot of heartache is derived when we don’t see the results that we imagined would happen once we started to work out, whether, its Pilates, Zumba, yoga or cardio based workouts.


  • Lean Desires

I remember thinking my bust size would change after I had lost 10 kgs. Well here is some news: we are curvy women and unlike the west carry it on our hips and bust. There might be some exceptions like some of the Indian movie stars or models we see around. But look around you right now and count how many fall in that category, how many tall lean women are your friends?

Lets embrace the curves.

  • Coveting

I would like to have her arms
I would like to have her abs.
I would like to loose weight only on my midriff.

gymbWe have inherited our bodies and the genetic makeup cannot be altered ( NOT YET!!)
The only way is to work hard and stay motivated. Excepting this has made me happier when working out, keeping unreal expectations and disappointments away. I can look toner, but cant magically change the shape of my body.

I might not look lean, but can kick ass at the group workout!

I can get better, I cant magically be someone else.

Making the Most of what YOU have!

We invest a lot in our looks but don’t not mind going to the gym in loose tracks and boyfriend T shirts!

In my experience clothes that show your bulges and that midriff tyre motivate you to work harder than hiding inside loose large men’s T shirts. Wearing clothes that uplift the mood and feel great on the skin can be the reason to kill procrastination and head to gym.gymessentials

Here are some things that you can try which might make you feel great no matter what size and where you are in your fitness journey.

  • Wear block colors
  • Use black as a weapon ( read more here: Black Magic.)
  • Smell great
  • Socks: soft, woolen, printed, colorful!
  • Carry your own trendy water bottle
  • Accessorize: sweat bands, gloves, leg warmers!
  • A gym bag for all these motivational goodies
  • Music!

Look good and Kick Ass!

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