Online Shopping

The e-commerce boom has bought the world of fashion at your fingertips literally!

Like most Indian women, initially I was hesitant to go all out and buy online. I am not a 100% convert as yet.

There are things you buy online and there are things that you don’t! I have customized this list in my head depending on the things that I want to absolutely see before I buy.

Shopping online

I do buy fitness wear and accessories online.

Here are some tips on what I do buy and my mantra on buying things that don’t leave you disappointed. A very important aspect of this ideology is that I just don’t do replacement. I fiercely dislike sending things back and asking for an exchange. Don’t want to waste my time in talking to the HELP desk and waiting for them to come and get things back.

Hence I make sure I have these 3 things clear before I start:

  1. My SIZE: Bust, Cup, hips, waist and any other numbers that are IMP.
  2. Allocate a Budget: I always have a number in mind before I start browsing. Its very easy to slip while looking at those colorful things especially if they are on sale.
  3. Category: I stick to shopping for either, tops or bottoms or socks or spots bras, never combining the category. This in my experience helps you spend more time checking the details and reading the description in depth.


What and the How?


As a nascent buyer I started buying brands I already knew. You cant go wrong with the giants. You are assured that the quality, fit and technology delivered by Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and the likes will be spot on. Always there are so many options available within these when buying online. So if you have just started exploring buying online, please buy from brands that you trust. Buy a piece that is on sale, or that fits your budget. That way you wont be too disappointed when it arrives.

2. Block Colors

I like block colors. I don’t own anything with graphic and bold writings. Graphics and multiple prints might look good online, but may not look great when they arrive. You can never tell how large that star looks until you see it in person. So sticking with block colors is a good option.

3. Models

The model wearing that top you like most certainly may not be your size. That V neck may look good on her, buy would it be the same with your bust size? You need to make these calculations while looking at her! You are aware of your body and your size. Use this wisdom and imagine yourself wearing it.

4. Price

Like me if you don’t like to go through the rigmarole of exchanging, then buy something that’s in your budget and even if does not turn out the way you imagined, you wont end up feeling very guilty. I have bought gym wear that didn’t turn out as expected, but I wore it a couple of times and moved them to the night/home wear lot!


6. The Question

“Can I live with this purchase if its doesn’t go as expected.?”

Nothing stings like getting something in the mail that is an epic fail! My search for the perfect sports bra is still in progress. I can’t make a sports bra work. So even if its a product only available online, in the color I want and at a great price, I still pass over, ‘coz the answer to THE question was no.

7. Take a Leap

After years of playing safe, I began exploring unknown brands and new online sites. This has yielded in some nice finds and surprised me in some good ways. Of course they needed to pass THE question filter. Will write about these new finds in another post. So take a leap and go with your instincts sometimes.


8. Fabric and Material

My liking leans towards dry fits, spandex and polyester blend fabrics when buying sports wear. I am all cotton when comes to sarees, work wear and informal clothes, but in this department, its hygienic to buy sweat absorbent materials. The technology in this department gives some very advanced options. So be clear on what material you want.

Now hit the ‘shop now’ button and share you picks with me, even the epic fails, because on the way there might be a few.

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