First Love

This is an ode to Love.

My first and most prized possession were a pair of blue Puma sports shoes. They weren’t my last pair and hence started a love affair that continues.

Although I may not have been always loyal, Puma gear holds a special place in my collection.

This is my current Puma buy.


For me there is hip and uber-cool feel that I attach to this brand.

The colors they choose always have a spunky feel to it, and along with style the FAAS technology in my current pair, gives you that additional cushioning that is perfect for zumba leaps and other high intensity activities.

The image they portray is edgy with a sense of bad-ass and competitiveness.


They use words like
disobedience rewarded,
impatience celebrated,
impossible odds,
anonymity unlikely &
primal instincts

Their media ads both print and online have some cool brand ambassadors going with their brand’s Forever Fast tagline.

I like their design elements that even include cool packaging like these funky boxes and bags.

And lastly, its a great feeling to visit an Puma store, it is chic and the staff are always well informed and willing to help. The cool factor continues as you browse through their collection in well lit and stylish retail stores.

This image is from their Zero Energy, completely sustainable store in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

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