Keep it Cool

Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated!

Every fitness blog, health magazine and gym coach promises the benefits of drinking water.

I need to confess that when Gatorade first hit the Indian market, I was a ardent consumer. This was fueled by the store below my gym that gave me easy access. But no one can deny the excess amount of sugar and artificial flavors that these contain.

Here is a one way to calculate how much water is enough:

So how do we make drinking enough water before, while and after a workout a habit. Over the years I have gone through many water bottles, replacing them once every year. A colorful addition to the gym gear, it allows me to keep track of how much I am drinking plus the colors add to the motivation.

  • THE SIPPER: nike-4523-782913-1

My first gym-bottle was the sipper, like this one from Nike. But frankly I don’t think the sipper is the most hygienic option since they are always exposed to the elements and difficult to clean inside with no real access below the sipper. Some of these do come with a cap at the top, but that is just another nuisance when you want to grab a quick sip. But if sippers are your thing, then there are plenty of options in this category.


  • METAL:


If you like the strong and cold feel of stainless-steel bottles, there are many options available. I personally tried the Wildcraft bottles, that are sturdy but in my opinion a little clunky and noisy. They also give water a funny taste when kept in sun. In this category are now available some cool looking stainless steel bottles from H2O. You can buy them online on both Amazon and Snapdeal.




  • Freezer STICK

So this little invention was created to provide cold water on the go and keep it cooled for longer periods.


The removable freezer stick that comes with the bottle can be kept inside the freezer and then needs to be inserted back into the water bottle. I did buy it in earnest but never remembered to keep the stick to cool inside the freezer.

The result was less water, added weight to my bottle and no cold water. 🙂

But if unlike me you are diligent, then this might work for you.


  • TECH-Enabled

Now if you don’t trust yourself to keep track then H2O has a tech enabled bottled. I can’t give you my opinion since I haven’t used it myself. This new age bottle, has a Bluetooth gadget that makes your water bottle smarter by keeping track of your water intake. Its companion app reminds you when you need to drink water. Available for 99$ on


  • A-H-A

While reading about water bottles I found this one from Biocera. This offering promises oxygen rich water that removes oxygen free radicals.

If you are a stickler for new technology and don’t mind spending 99$ on this AHA technology that gives you the feel of pure spring water, then please buy this and send me a review!




  • Budget friendlywater-bottle-alu-blue

For the budget conscious these bottles from Decathlon are a good pick.  Available in 4 colors, with HDPE 5, they are Priced at inr 100 and can be bought at any Decathalon store.





  • Current companion

We have moved away from plastic drinking bottles replacing them with glass bottles at home. But since that isn’t an option for the gym, I found these pretty neat looking bottles that are strictly a Made In India brand called Varmora.  They are easily available in most home depot kind of shops as well as online. Made from HDPE 5 plastic, they are sturdy and within the acceptable range for plastic water bottles.

If you would like to know more about HDPE and the symbols to look for while buying plastic products, follow this link: here.

I got the olive green one!


For those of you who don’t own or carry a bottle to the gym, please do so. I don’t need to re-iterate the facts related to water borne bacteria and how it can spread through using the same bottles among many users. I personally refuse to share my bottle with anyone, and yes encourage them to buy one, TODAY!

Now like me, if you would like to drool on some pretty awesome designs, here a slideshow just for you!

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