Its imperative that gym workouts or any fitness regime be rejigged often.

We sometime reach a plateau with our bodies and find those last 3 kilos the hardest climb, and this after overpowering those 15 kilos.

Working on different body parts and then combining that with interval training, Zumba or cross-fit might sometimes help break the ceiling. At Contours, we are lucky to have them change workouts every 3 months. A different set of group workputs and boot camps are offered to us every few months, keeping monotony away and motivation high!

Just like fitness regimes, you seem to hit a wall when it comes to what to wear today to the gym. Looking at the options in the gym cabinet and wondering what to combine and what would suit the intensity of the workout today can be frustrating.

So this post suggested by a fellow gym buddy (who went all out and clicked some very cool pictures of her gym outfit), is all about rejigging that gym wardrobe with some cool DIY solutions. Its time to dig into the closet and grab that pair of scissors as you reach out for some creative inspiration!

  • The Knot

That simple T made fun with a knot, adding a bit of oomph.


  • Crop Tops

Teaming your gym vests with a funky crop can add a fun element to the wardrobe of the day.


  • Big Arm Hole T’s

These are all the rage now, available online(Click here).

Puma-Layer-White-Tank-Top-3362-3714122-4-pdp_slider_m pacsun-kendall-and-kylie-drop-armhole-muscle-tank-profile

Or you can can D-I-Y this style, using this video tutorial. All you need is to grab an old T and a pair of scissors and voila, you have your very own cool looking vest.


  • DIY Tank Top

Find instructions to this very cool looking DIY open back T here:

These would be perfect to flaunt those awesome sports-bras.


  • Tutorials

Some really awesome tutorials are available online if you are nifty with your fingers.

Check this website that has 30 ideas for 30 days of cool gym-wear that is all DIY.



This web series on YouTube also has some very cool instructions on Upcycling old T Shirts.

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