Pushing Harder in Style

The swagger that defines every woman is driven by our hips. I see endless workouts that help you build your butt, but unlike the west, the Indian women are blessed with a whole-lotta-love in this department. Well at least most Indian women.

This means that lower body workouts, squats and lungs keep those butts from ruining the perfect stride in those body-fitting jeans.


There are different exercise regimes that help you tighten your glutes, but today I am going to share with you my experience with ankle weights as well as some exercises using them and some pretty cool options you can buy from.

For me personally rather than trying to do 100 lunges, I would rather try and push myself harder by increasing the resistance. This I do by simply adding on ankle weights into the mix when doing those lunges.

Its important to remember that while you do high knee jogging, doggy-donkey lifts or just simple leg lifts, the glutes are carrying the weight of your legs, so increasing the weight on your ankle, makes the glutes work harder.

A 1 kilogram weight on each ankle will make a significant difference to your entire workout. If you are an intermediate or advanced exerciser, then try a higher weight. You will definitely burn more doing exactly the same exercise as you have always been doing.

What is also great is that these can be used while doing body-sculpting exercises from the comfort of your home. I also add these while doing my interval training program which is a combination of high intensity cardio and weight training at my gym.

Here are some great examples:



I love pushing myself in the gym as I try everyday to just get a little better than what I was yesterday. The added resistance on my feet makes it harder but at the same time makes we feel more driven. The feel of the ankle weights on the floor when I look down, makes me smile.

If like me you would like to add this into your workout regime, check out some of these videos and posts online.


A pretty neat article with pictures on different exercises you can try:


If you need motivation, check out this video from Reebok:



There are a couple of options to choose from and I am listing them here. You can buy most of these in 1/2, 1, 2 and 3 kg options.

  • Reebok/Nike/Adidas

Of these brands, Reebok has some pretty cool looking ankle weights in yummy candy colors. Made from Soft neoprene material with easily adjustable velcro straps, they are quite a dream pick. They are priced between 1700 to 3600/-. So if you are on a budget, then these may not be the best choice.



Adidas ankle weights do not look as pretty but do the job as well, whereas if you are looking for a different shaped ankle weight, Nike does have a cute looking option.

All these 3 are available on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

  • Kobo

Another option that is more affordable are these grey and orange colored weights.


  • Proline Fitness

The pair that I am currently using are these blue 1.5 kg weights that I bought online. They are extremely comfortable, as the Velcro holds them well together, unlike some of the other options, that get loose and tug at your ankles and are a nuisance in between workouts.


I absolutely recommend going for the Velcro ones, rather than the ones that use large buckles that pull them apart.

Do you use ankle weights in the gym?

Do share your experience!

9 thoughts on “Pushing Harder in Style

  1. Ankle weights are great to switch it up for me. I prefer heavy squats or lunges but on days i just want to lie on a mat I throw in donkey kicks and fire hydrants haha I will have to try the mountain climbers though! Thanks!

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