A little Oomph

This week called for some indulgence!

August is birthday month, add to this I completed a 30 day ABS workout, so I treated myself to some great looking gym tees that are going to add a whole lot of oomph to the gym collection.

I had for sometime been looking for gym-wear with the trendy long armholes also known as muscle tees. This search was mostly online, and led to very few options in the usual gym brands. As I shared this with some gym buddies, one of whom also happens to be a fashion blogger suggested FOREVER21!

So thanks to Frivolous Closet, I found the perfect muscle tees.

What did I buy?

After looking at numerous options, I bought 3 tees. I went for blacks and whites, since I knew I would be combining them with colorful sports bras.

Of the 3 tops, I bought one with an attached sports bra which was pretty snug, while the other 2 are essentially self-striped knitted pattern tops with cut-out detailing at the back.

The feel, quality and fit is amazing, made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex, these tees are a must buy. With online sales on most online portals, most of these were 30% off, making the deal sweeter! 🙂

Overall Rating

Fit: 9/10

Design: 10/10

Material: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Here are some more designs I found were great but did not buy:

Chic Ways to Sport the Muscle Tees

I found this really cool article on muscle tees and different styles to sport them!


Click here to read it:




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