Athliesure Inspired by Olympics 2016

The eyes of the world are fixated on the amazing sportswomen and men who, as I write this post are competing at the Olympics Games at Rio.

This sporting event of epic proportions has enabled numerous designers to create athleisure inspired by all the super-hardworking individuals and their game of choice.

Some of this gear is now available online! So check out these athleisure collections from designed for different countries:

  •  Stella McCartney and Adidas (Great Britain)

This collection features a specifically designed coat of arms, which provides the basis for the iconography across the entire Olympics and Paralympics range. Alongside the coat of arms, each garment features the red, blue and white colors of the Union Flag.


  • H&M ( Sweden)

The Sweden based company that has just launched in India, has a line of ceremony and competition wear for athletes that inspired its #foreveryvictory collection of fashionable performance sportswear for men and women that went on sale last month.

Buy here:

  • Polo Ralph Loren: USA features a Team USA collection section, where people can shop a wide variety of Olympic-themed T-shirts, polos, swim trunks, track pants and more.


  • Lacoste (France)

Not the most colorful or trendy collection, but do check out their video that features it.

  • Dsquared2: Canada

Created from the hearts of twin brothers Dan and Dean Caten, the Canadian Olympic outfit designed by their company Dsquared2, features the maple leaf prominently.



  • Georgio Armani (Italy)

The global giant designed for Italian athletes.

  • Sportscraft (Australia)

The bright yellow that is deemed by many to be difficult to work with features in the Australian collection.

  • Christian Louboutin (Cuba)

Cuba’s athletes worked with Christian Louboutin and Henry Tai, a former professional handball player to design formal looks for the athletes to wear.


  • India

I really do not want to talk too much about the Indian uniforms, but here is an interesting take of a few designers and what they would design for our amazing sportswomen and men.

Imagined by Shivan and Naresh


Do share your thoughts!

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