All About the Lift:Sports Bras Part 1

A cute looking Nike top costs 1500/-INR, those leggings with multicolored designs from Puma cost 2000/- but a good sports bra costs at least 3500/-INR and upwards. The mind immediately starts to think why, a small piece of fabric needs you to save up and think so hard before you buy it!

Sports bras, like them or hate them, are part of everyday fitness and there is an entire science behind them.


Why are they so expensive?

Because bras are a piece of engineering that is completely underestimated.

It takes a lot of experience and specialized knowledge to make sports-bras that actually work and that knowledge does not come free. Additionally each piece of fabric needs human expertise to sew a lot of small pieces together. Every seam and every additional step costs money, which increases the price on the customer’s end.

Here are some factors contributing to that high price we pay!


Like proper running shoes, the best brands of sports bras now subject their products to full product research to ensure it really does reduce the amount breast motion whilst exercising. 


They are made from expensive technical fabrics, which protect your skin whilst exercising and also ensure that your body temperature is better regulated. 


Sports bras also have a large number of individual components such as fastenings, adjusters, sling structures inside which all add up to the costs.


Why we SHOULD invest in a good sports BRA?




Exercising without a proper sports bra can lead to an irreversible droop of the bust, as well as be embarrassing – and this has now been proven through university research studies.


The weight of your breasts could round your posture, pulling your head forward and pushing your rib cage down. For larger cup sizes, that can potentially cause pain, discomfort, and even headaches due to compressed nerves in the neck.


If you have found great fitting sports bra, you know how the comfort and feel of that support makes you feel and allows you to work harder on the floor without thinking about sagging or discomfort.


Read Part 2 in this series for:

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Ending the post with Chaturanga, one of my favorite yoga poses that’s also great for building chest and upper body strength.


Don’t shy away from sporting amazing sports bras while working the upper body!


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