Body types

Vegetable, Fruits, Bottles and Figurines; alas the classifications never seem to fit. When reading about the ‘apple’ or the ‘pear’ shape, I always thought that maybe a was 30% this and 65% that and 5% something completely different. No classification truly captures all the nuances of my body.

And the folks at Refinery29 thought as much and asked some of their female employees to describe themselves which has been brilliantly captured by this amazing, amazing artist called Laura Callaghan.

I am her total fan! What amazing color, patterns and emotions in her art.

Check out the original article here:

Check her website/work here:

Celebrating all bodies and no types, a mixture of everything perfect and imperfect!

I generally feel like hippie J.Lo, with a curvaceousness that I try to keep low-key with boxy tops, unshaven armpits, leg hair, etc. Until recently, I couldn’t even admit to myself that my boobs were larger than an A cup, which seems ridiculous now. The other thing is that my legs are very muscular from biking, so try as I might to masquerade as a stick of rhubarb, my butt and thighs are always kind of BAM, BAM, BAM, when I wear skinny jeans.”

“I’d call myself Kardashian Lite, lol.”

Winnie the Pooh with boobs: short limbs, big butt, round, petite, cheerful.”

“I often describe my body as ‘boobs on legs.’ Just another way of saying my bust is obviously my largest proportion but also my torso is short. Sometimes I also say I have ‘boy hips’ because I lack an hourglass curve on my bottom half, and my hips are pretty much the same width of my mid-section.”


“I’m sort of an apple — I carry all my weight around my middle — but I don’t have the chest to go with it (hello, 36A), and I have the carrot part of being tall with broad shoulders. Sometimes I feel like my body type is ‘baby bump,’ sans the pregnancy part. One does have to wonder, how do you minimize a midsection when you want to maximize your boobs?”

“Ballerina with swimmer’s shoulders and a stomach pooch that just won’t quit no matter how many crunches I do.”

“A flat-chested Kim Kardashian.”


“I’m not sure exactly how to put this, but I feel like I have secret/invisible hips? Like, to look at me, you would NOT think I’d be hippy — I am a very long and lean lady — but it is so hard to find pants that fit, skirts I can actually pull up over my hips/butt, etc. Mystery hips? Ghost butt?


Slathletic — strong, athletic, and slender. (There’s probably a better amalgamation of those words that doesn’t make me sound like I’m speaking Parseltongue.)”


 “A Mason Pearson hairbrush: super-curvy legs/butt/hips, small-ish waist, average size chest, slightly rounded but proportionally smaller shoulders. OR A (very) poor woman’s Beyoncé, with smaller boobs, less junk in the trunk, and far less hours to devote to working out, alas.”

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