10 Athleisure Essentials

A trend that has not just come to stay but is gathering moss and creating ripples consistently is ATHLEISURE. Combining, as the name suggests, athletic clothing with leisure, this trend spells chic and sporty at the same time.

Here are my 10 Essentials to achieve that perfect athleisure wardrobe.

  1. Sweatshirts
  2. Sneakers
  3. Leggings
  4. Bralette/Sportsbra
  5. Joggers/Trackpants
  6. Jackets
  7. Slip-Dress
  8. Tees
  9. Backpacks
  10. Scarves

Images courtesy of the Vogue November spread that featured Neelam Gill in some quirky athleisure combines.

  • Sweatshirts/Sweaters


Layering up as you head out on a winter evening for a run or a quick burnout at the gym, can be all fun and games with some trendy sweatshirts. But the winter chill still in the air, means you sport these outside of your gym routine too.

  • Sneakers


Its all trendy to ditch those stilettos for a classy pair of Stan smiths. Sneakers are a passion for some, with collections that would just blow your mind away. I just bought these Adidas sneakers that I think are perfect for the dance floor.


  • Leggings

Style and comfort that can make anyone stand out, is that perfect set of leggings. I am not a big fan of super printed and multicolored leggings, but if that’s what works for you, then sport them with black or grey sneakers and your are ready to rock and roll! Leggings are great look great with boots too, allowing you to show of those toned calf muscles while looking very chic.

  • Bralette/Sportsbras

Whether its for that action packed Zumba session or a night of burning the dance floor, the uber sexy bralette are an amazing trend. Sport them with skirts, shorts or simply with the evergreen leggings.

  • Joggers/Trackpants

The age-old track pants have now been given major fashion overhaul and they find themselves part of this trend. Joggers are even paired with semi-formal tops for a easy-breezy lunch date with your BFF.



  • Jackets


Can one ever have too many jackets??  Check out my post on the cool new bomber jackets i am hearting right now: here.

  • Dresses: slip dress

SLip dresses are a god send for Indian women I feel. After trying out different styles I simple love the slip dress. Sport them with sneakers and they look delish.

  • Tees

Indian summers are perfect for sporting Tee’s and the current hit in this category is the muscle tees with large arm holes, also perfect for a little peeka-boo when you are sporting the colorfult sports bra. Check out my post here on muscle tees: A little oomph.


  • Backpack

If you remember the little backpacks from the 90’s, then lo and behold they are replacing the bulky gym duffel bags as they add jazz to the athleisure look. But like me if you still want your bag to be more functional than funky, then the good ‘ol duffel it is.


  • Scarves

If you like the layered look, then you wont resent the scarf. I love collecting scarves from different places that I get to visit, reminding you of the adventure every time you sport them!



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