If there was a category of clothing that I can never have enough off, then jackets would be it. The question of whether I need another one never crosses my mind, ‘coz there is always room for one more!

This is coupled with the fact then when you live in a city like Bangalore, it offers a peculiarly chilly weather most of the year round. So layering it up is pretty conducive.

Right now I am consumed by my search for the perfect Bomber jacket!

Also known as a flight or bombardier jacket, these were originally created for military pilots during WW1 before becoming part of popular culture and apparel. The hip-hop genre of musicians can be credited with making them cool again.



Who better for inspiration then the amazing Amelia Earhart, seen here sporting a classic Bomber Jacket.


Identifying a Bomber Jacket

A short sturdy jacket having a fitted or elastic waist, a zippered front, and often a fleece or pile collar.

Now the good news is that, unlike yesteryear the bomber jackets come in numerous trendy avatars to suit every fashionista.

But if kitschy designs, bright amazing colors and psychedelic patterns are not your thing, then you can go for the vintage bomber look.

Here are some that I totally heart!

  • AJIO Bomber Jackets

Love this one for the quirky artwork up front that is bold yet elegant.


Buy here:

  • Mango

A totally glamorous sequined bomber from Mango.


Buy here:

  • Zara

If embroidered is your thing, then check these from Zara (right now on sale)

buy here:

  • Forever21

For animal prints and the fur, I loved these bombers from Forever21.

Buy here:

  • Nordstrom

For being true to the original design I like this one from Nordstrom.


Also Great are these 2, if velvet or prints are your thing!


Buy here:

  • HnM

If like me you prefer your jackets short and nor hip length, then this is a great find at HnM.


Buy here:

  • Kinche

Bringing together Bomber design and Indian fabrics in Kinche. I love the coupling of traditional Indian patterns with the western bomber.


Buy here:

What do you think of these?

Do you own an amazing bomber jacket, or looking to buy one?

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