The wave of health and fitness has reached Indian shores with a big wave! Terms like pilates, athe-liesure, isometic, WOD, DOMS and body type are part of the weekend meetup!

Celebrities and their personal trainers are not just popular but also trending as authors, bloggers and famous instagrammers.

Meet-ups that give a chance to meet fellow cyclists, marathon runners and trekkers are also on the rise. Apps like Strava and Fitbit usage is commonplace.

It is cool to be fit, sporty and aware! I think its a great trend.

Unfortunately availability of gym wear has not reached us as fast.

I often find myself talking to gym buddies about the lack of gym clothing, the best cycling gear or brand that failed to deliver.

This blog has been created to inform, review and share about options available and how to make the best of what we have.

Hoping it helps all women look fit and fab, like an Agile Fashionista on the move!