10 Athleisure Essentials

A trend that has not just come to stay but is gathering moss and creating ripples consistently is ATHLEISURE. Combining, as the name suggests, athletic clothing with leisure, this trend spells chic and sporty at the same time. Here are my 10 Essentials to achieve that perfect athleisure wardrobe. Sweatshirts Sneakers Leggings Bralette/Sportsbra Joggers/Trackpants Jackets Slip-Dress Tees Backpacks Scarves Images courtesy of the Vogue November … Continue reading 10 Athleisure Essentials

All About the Lift: Sports Bras Part 2

This is the 2nd in the 2 part series on Sports bras. Read Part 1 here: All About the Lift: Sports Bras Part 1 Most women according Sports magazines and fitness exprets ignore their upper body, focusing more on glutes, abs and legs! This this theory might also include the amount of time and effort we spend on selecting a good Sports Bra, that is … Continue reading All About the Lift: Sports Bras Part 2