Comfort in Agony

So I have a fetish for socks!

Colorful woolen or all white with tiny motifs, the one with bunny faces, animal whiskers geometric patterns, pastel colors, hell, I even have one with Mr. Gangnam on them( from a basement store somewhere in Seoul).

The feet are our constant punching bags while running, jumping or doing squat jumps. Although we might spend a lot of time picking shoes, socks are important too and often neglected.

Wearing a pair of new socks instantly lifts the mood and makes my feet so happy.

I just bought these lovely socks online.


They came beautifully packaged in a little box.

Pure cotton socks are not the best selection when working out in my experience. Cotton absorbs moisture and is usually a little rough in texture.

Here is what I look for when buying socks meant for fitness.

  1. Material: All cotton is a No-No. SO a blended mix is what I look for, which means all nylon is also out the window.
  2. Stitching: Ensure that the socks do not have bulky stitching at the toes or heels.
  3. Design: Although the motifs and patterns are tempting, I don’t like too much happening at the ankle.
  4. Colors: I try and pick colors that are neutral enough to go with any sport shoe.
  5. Fit: I Select socks that fit my foot without being too tight or too loose. A good pair of socks at the ankle offer much needed grip at the feet.

Some thoughts on worn out socks, with holes in them.

Do not wear socks that are too worn. Thin areas and holes are very likely to produce hot spots and blisters.

If you love your socks too much or cant change them instantly, her is a tutorial on how to darm your socks:

If like me you carry forget replacing your socks and land up in the gym without a pair, here is a secret: I always have an extra pair somewhere hidden in the back pocket. Working out without socks is terrible idea. You could be nursing a blister for the rest of the week.

There is a lot of technology in socks happening.

From anti-bacterial to quick dry, there are options available if you have a condition like being flat footed, while marathon runner also have socks that are customized for long distance running.

Check our these socks from Sensoria. They are connected to your phone via an app and tell you about your running style, give you performance feedback, including foot landing and contact as well as monitor your heart rate! The socks are looped with an anklet to send various information to the connected mobile via its app. Not yet available in India, but they do plan to launch soon!


Do you have a sock story to share? Reach out and share!

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