Core Strength & Mannequins

Planks, Oh planks!! You either love them or hate them. Great planks = Awesome Core Strength Core strength brings to mind planks, push downs, jack-knives and sit-ups! All of these amazing exercises are featured in this post that features the all woman Mannequin challenge from my gym. The viral internet challenge trend where people remain frozen in action like mannequins, was an instant hit at … Continue reading Core Strength & Mannequins

All About the Lift: Sports Bras Part 2

This is the 2nd in the 2 part series on Sports bras. Read Part 1 here: All About the Lift: Sports Bras Part 1 Most women according Sports magazines and fitness exprets ignore their upper body, focusing more on glutes, abs and legs! This this theory might also include the amount of time and effort we spend on selecting a good Sports Bra, that is … Continue reading All About the Lift: Sports Bras Part 2

All About the Lift:Sports Bras Part 1

A cute looking Nike top costs 1500/-INR, those leggings with multicolored designs from Puma cost 2000/- but a good sports bra costs at least 3500/-INR and upwards. The mind immediately starts to think why, a small piece of fabric needs you to save up and think so hard before you buy it! Sports bras, like them or hate them, are part of everyday fitness and … Continue reading All About the Lift:Sports Bras Part 1

Athliesure Inspired by Olympics 2016

The eyes of the world are fixated on the amazing sportswomen and men who, as I write this post are competing at the Olympics Games at Rio. This sporting event of epic proportions has enabled numerous designers to create athleisure inspired by all the super-hardworking individuals and their game of choice. Some of this gear is now available online! So check out these athleisure collections … Continue reading Athliesure Inspired by Olympics 2016

Pushing Harder in Style

The swagger that defines every woman is driven by our hips. I see endless workouts that help you build your butt, but unlike the west, the Indian women are blessed with a whole-lotta-love in this department. Well at least most Indian women. This means that lower body workouts, squats and lungs keep those butts from ruining the perfect stride in those body-fitting jeans. There are … Continue reading Pushing Harder in Style