All About the Lift:Sports Bras Part 1

A cute looking Nike top costs 1500/-INR, those leggings with multicolored designs from Puma cost 2000/- but a good sports bra costs at least 3500/-INR and upwards. The mind immediately starts to think why, a small piece of fabric needs you to save up and think so hard before you buy it! Sports bras, like them or hate them, are part of everyday fitness and … Continue reading All About the Lift:Sports Bras Part 1

Hits and Misses

Keeping with the promise of reviewing brands, here are reviews of 2 not so known brands that I bought online. As with all buying online, there are a few ‘yeahs’ and some ‘sighs’. Lets start first with AJIO. ( Owned by Reliance Industries Ltd, they launched their online fashion portal with the preview of its collection in April at the Lakme Fashion week in … Continue reading Hits and Misses