Pushing Harder in Style

The swagger that defines every woman is driven by our hips. I see endless workouts that help you build your butt, but unlike the west, the Indian women are blessed with a whole-lotta-love in this department. Well at least most Indian women. This means that lower body workouts, squats and lungs keep those butts from ruining the perfect stride in those body-fitting jeans. There are … Continue reading Pushing Harder in Style


Its imperative that gym workouts or any fitness regime be rejigged often. We sometime reach a plateau with our bodies and find those last 3 kilos the hardest climb, and this after overpowering those 15 kilos. Working on different body parts and then combining that with interval training, Zumba or cross-fit might sometimes help break the ceiling. At Contours, we are lucky to have them … Continue reading Rejigged

Hits and Misses

Keeping with the promise of reviewing brands, here are reviews of 2 not so known brands that I bought online. As with all buying online, there are a few ‘yeahs’ and some ‘sighs’. Lets start first with AJIO. (www.ajio.com). Owned by Reliance Industries Ltd, they launched their online fashion portal Ajio.com with the preview of its collection in April at the Lakme Fashion week in … Continue reading Hits and Misses